The need for quality and sustained financial PR for listed companies has never been greater. Since the economic crisis began to bite, the share prices of most companies have been battered bringing unprecedented pressure on Boards to transform their business models and deliver shareholder value.

The key to quality financial PR coverage is creating a narrative that institutional and private investors can truly understand and want to buy into. A mix of regulatory and non-regulatory news, industry statements, interviews with the chief executive and senior management ... all these and many other techniques are used by Whoosh PR to drive liquidity into a client’s equity and build investor confidence.

But Whoosh offers more than just a financial news service to corporate Britain. It offers a complete financial PR service – writing press releases and annual reports, organising analyst tours, briefing key editors, and a unique interactive Investor Relations service.

If you’d like to learn more about our financial PR services, please contact our CEO Hugh Paterson for an informal discussion. Hugh can be reached on +44 7465 962446, or by email


Liquidity is King

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